Canadian Critical Race Conference 2003:
Pedagogy and Practice



The Conference Committee for the Canadian Critical Race Conference 2003 would like to thank the West Coast Coalition for Human Dignity for providing, in large part, the funds for publishing these conference proceedings. A small portion of the conference proceeds were also used to fund this project. It was realized early on that there would be insufficient funds to either edit the papers or to publish them in the print format. When Simon Fraser University Library offered to host the online proceeding in their "EDocs", a project was devised that would make the papers available online. The Conference Committee is grateful to Simon Fraser University Library for providing a permanent home for these proceedings. We would also like to thank Mr. Ian Song, the Project Librarian, who did all of the hard work of contacting all the conference speakers in order to obtain both their permission and the full-text of their articles.

The 2003 Conference Committee hopes that the field of critical race scholarship will be enhanced by the availability of these proceedings.


Moninder Bubber,

CCRC Conference Planning Committee

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