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305 cartoons with the subject 'Clark, Glen David, 1957-', sorted by date.

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1Rice, Ingrid: Clark's first physical after the budget. (April 1, 1992)
2Rice, Ingrid: "Judi says her character assassination is based on nothing but innuendo and half-truths." "Kinda like her campaign brochure?" (February 24, 1993)
3Rice, Ingrid: "I coulda sworn I ordered homeowner Du Jour." (April 6, 1993)
4Rice, Ingrid: "Sure, I expected some huffing and puffing...but hey, whate are they gonna do? Blow us away?" (April 21, 1993)
5Krieger, Bob: Boneheads (July 26, 1993)
6Krieger, Bob: CALL: 1-900-BIG-BOOBS (May 18, 1995)
7Krieger, Bob: "Security?" "Stake out." (June 16, 1995)
8Bierman, Bob: "...I have contacted the space aliens who had abducted me and had altered my memory.....I pleaded, and they agreed to reprogram me to be able to straighten out the whole mess we're in..." (January 1, 1996)
9Bierman, Bob: "Not watch me again...." (January 1, 1996)
10Rice, Ingrid: Glen Clark finally emerges as a candidate for the NDP leadership. (January 8, 1996)
11Rice, Ingrid: "Get a load of STU... proud as Glen Clark.." (January 15, 1996)
12Rice, Ingrid: "What leadership convention?"; Glen Clark - on his odds of becoming premier at the NDP Leadership Convention: (January 29, 1996)
13Rice, Ingrid: Glen Clark's New Year Resolutions (January 30, 1996)
14Rice, Ingrid: "It's not looking good, Corky" (February 13, 1996)
15Rice, Ingrid: "Yippee!" (February 19, 1996)
16Rice, Ingrid: "Good to see young Glen following in my footsteps" (February 26, 1996)
17Rice, Ingrid: (March 4, 1996)
18Murphy, Dan: B.C. Lions consider name change to rake in more money - "The B.C. Lotus-Latte-Louts, extra foam" "The Vancouver Skalbaniacs" "The Cayman Cormorants" "The British Columbian All-Americans" (March 13, 1996)
19Rice, Ingrid: "Remember when the only thing Glen Clark was shovelling off the back of a truck was money?" (March 25, 1996)
20Murphy, Dan: Meanwhile, in the War Room - (March 31, 1996)
21Bierman, Bob: "How time flies....four o'clock and I still haven't made one single promise to-day!...." (April 1, 1996)
22Murphy, Dan: Bread and Circuses NEMETZ BINGOGATE INQUIRY (April 3, 1996)
23Murphy, Dan: The three things Glen Clark had to remember during his T.V. address - (April 24, 1996)
24Rice, Ingrid: "I won't tolerate a strike in education or health care..." "...not if it affects me" (April 29, 1996)
25Krieger, Bob: "What scares me? ... That Clark won't keep his promises and Campbell will" (May 6, 1996)
26Rice, Ingrid: "The rich have the most to gain from a Liberal win"; "Saaaaay, maybe I should vote Liberal" (May 13, 1996)
27Rice, Ingrid: "Sincere simles, ready handshakes, earnest promises...Reminds me of the guys I used to date..." (May 20, 1996)
28Murphy, Dan: Old Habits - "I am immediately appointing a commission to investigate my alleged winning of this election" (May 29, 1996)
29Rice, Ingrid: "Better bring out the cot, Mavis, --looks like company'scoming" (June 3, 1996)
30Krieger, Bob: "I promise... Now we'll only shovel off the back of a mini-van" (June 4, 1996)
31Krieger, Bob: "Sleepy, Happy, Dopey, Bashful, Sneezy, Grumpy and Doc." (Premier names new cabinet) (June 18, 1996)
32Rice, Ingrid: Fortunately, the last item to be frozen took up very little space. (July 1, 1996)
33Rice, Ingrid: "How much of a surplus do we need to get elected?"; How the DNP forecasted forestry revenue: (July 8, 1996)
34Krieger, Bob: (no text) (July 19, 1996)
35Krieger, Bob: (no text) (July 22, 1996)
36Murphy, Dan: The Synchonized Weasel Event (August 4, 1996)
37Rice, Ingrid: ...And the cat came back the very next day... (August 5, 1996)
38Krieger, Bob: (no text) (August 6, 1996)
39Rice, Ingrid: " I think people would much rather see less than politicians than more" "And they will be punished for that" (August 12, 1996)
40Krieger, Bob: THE BEST DAMN B.C. PREMIER EVER Had by Pakistan (August 12, 1996)
41Rice, Ingrid: "How dare the opposition play politics with this issue.Frankly, I'm disgusted" "Again" (August 19, 1996)
42Murphy, Dan: (no text) (September 15, 1996)
43Rice, Ingrid: "It's Timmy's teacher...She caught his lying again...she thinks he need a more suitable role model" (September 16, 1996)
44Murphy, Dan: Ban Extreme Weaselry Competitions (September 22, 1996)
45Rice, Ingrid: "Gosh! I'll need at least until then to make something up!"; Glen Clark's rationale for waiting until October 29th to tell us his side of the deficit:" (October 21, 1996)
46Rice, Ingrid: "Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission ..We will control all that you see and hear.." "--We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your television set . You are about to experience tha awe and mystery of:" (October 28, 1996)
47Krieger, Bob: Tonight ... on British Columbia’s Least Wanted ... (October 29, 1996)
48Rice, Ingrid: "Our credibility gap is all the media's fault.." "They keep telling everyone what we're done." (November 4, 1996)
49Murphy, Dan: A deal you can't refuse - (November 13, 1996)
50Krieger, Bob: B.C.: Who's in Charge (November 18, 1996)
51Murphy, Dan: The body politic (November 20, 1996)
52Rice, Ingrid: (December 3, 1996)
53Krieger, Bob: "All in all, Chretien and Clark have been pretty good... ... liars" (December 24, 1996)
54Harrop, Graham: LAWSUIT TO THROW OUT NDP GETS GO-AHEAD “GLEN ...! GLEN ...! This thing has gone FAR ENOUGH! - We’re going to be in COURT before we KNOW it!” “Isn’t there ANYTHING we can do?” ANOTHER COURTHOUSE CLOSES (January 1, 1997)
56Krieger, Bob: More Predictions... Inspired by Serbian opposition, Gordon Campbell protests NDP election fraud by leading angry BC voters through the streets of Maui Glen Clark will be caught telling a truth Jean Chretien won't (January 9, 1997)
57Rice, Ingrid: "It's not bad enough you spending my money: you had to go and give Glen Clark something to gloat about. You twit!" (January 27, 1997)
58Murphy, Dan: Valentine (February 9, 1997)
59Rice, Ingrid: Clark claims coincidence that all schools to get funds are in NDP ridings Glen Clark does his impression of the average British Columbia: “DUH.” (February 10, 1997)
60Krieger, Bob: "Okay, Phil... we decided to share photo radar revenue. You owe us 8 million bucks." (February 11, 1997)
61Rice, Ingrid: SHEEP SUCCESSFULLY CLONED "Fabulous! Imagine the possibilities: with cloning I could become minister of everything!" "Wait a minute – silly me ... I already am!" (February 24, 1997)
62Krieger, Bob: (no text) (March 3, 1997)
63Rice, Ingrid: KLEIN REELECTED “This is Glen Clark speaking – hey congrats big guy! Tell me, what’s yer secret?” “I kept my word” “No, really! What’s yer secret?” “Premier Klein – it’s Prime Minister Chretien on line two” (March 11, 1997)
64Rice, Ingrid: “Congratulations on your new movie, ‘Liar Liar’” An understandable misunderstanding occurs at the Planet Hollywood gala opening (March 17, 1997)
65Krieger, Bob: Winner: 1997 Easter Egg Hunt ... (March 31, 1997)
66Rice, Ingrid: A sign that Chretien has gotten over being hurt and angered by Glen Clark’s cheap shot: PERSONALS To Glen, All is forgiven. Please go home. – Jean (April 14, 1997)
67Krieger, Bob: Alexa McDonough election poster (April 18, 1997)
68Rice, Ingrid: LIONS GATE BRIDGE PLANS INCLUDE TOLLS The idea of making everybody pay on every bridge in B.C. when they already pay taxes, frankly, too many taxes ... I think is offensive.” “Unless, of course, they’re a bunch of whiny, upper class, North Shore snots who were too stupid to vote for me and therefore deserve it!” (April 21, 1997)
69Murphy, Dan: "Greenpeace is just after money!" (April 23, 1997)
70Rice, Ingrid: GLEN CLARK’S INVOLVEMENT IN FEDERAL CAMPAIGN TO BE MINIMAL “On behalf of federal NDP candidates everywhere ... I just want to say thanks!” (April 28, 1997)
71Murphy, Dan: (no text) (May 18, 1997)
72Rice, Ingrid: B.C. Government chain of command (May 19, 1997)
73Krieger, Bob: NO FISHING By Order of Premier Clark (Hunting of Alaskans Permitted) (May 23, 1997)
74Krieger, Bob: (no text) (May 28, 1997)
75Krieger, Bob: (no text) (June 19, 1997)
76Krieger, Bob: "Rude, pugnacious, hopelessly lost... did Glen Clark used to drive cab?" (July 8, 1997)
77Harrop, Graham: 'Open Mike' gaffes you may not have heard ... (July 12, 1997)
78Krieger, Bob: Bill 44 (July 18, 1997)
79Murphy, Dan: The Glen Clark Style - Slash "En garde, Alaska!" And Burn (July 20, 1997)
80Rice, Ingrid: WEST COAST SALMON WAR: U.S. & CANADA APPOINT TROUBLESHOOTERS; Fish war developments prompt Glen Clark to take precautions (July 28, 1997)
81Rice, Ingrid: Nanoose (August 11, 1997)
82Murphy, Dan: Torpedoed - And it came from Ottawa! (August 17, 1997)
83Krieger, Bob: "Wanna buy a bridge?" (August 22, 1997)
84Rice, Ingrid: (no text) (September 15, 1997)
85Murphy, Dan: Okay Glen Clark - the heat is ON! (September 17, 1997)
86Murphy, Dan: "Just too damn bad you're not a bankrupt union pulp mill in an NDP riding, eh? Kootchie kootchie" (October 9, 1997)
87Murphy, Dan: Pick a card! (October 12, 1997)
88Murphy, Dan: Weasel of the week "It's disturbing to see politics get involved in the recall campaign" (October 29, 1997)
89Rice, Ingrid: “They just wouldn’t fit in.” The rationale for excluding BC francophones from the unity panel. (November 3, 1997)
90Rice, Ingrid: RECALL CAMPAIGN UNDERWAY SKEENA AND PRINCE GEORGE MLAs TARGETED; “What do you mean Skeena Cellulose isn’t in the Skeena riding?” (December 1, 1997)
91Raeside, Adrian: "I found out where there is a large gathering of B.C. business people. I suggest you go there to assure them B.C. is still a good place to invest in." "Good evening..." (January 3, 1998)
92Krieger, Bob: Predictions: Glen Clark will promise a budget deficit. Business will boom, thinking he's lying Jean Chretien will retire succeeded by Lloyd Axworthy thus ending Canada's 15-year experiment with Tories To fill the void left by Seinfeld, NBC will introduce the new sit-com "Hanni" (January 5, 1998)
93Murphy, Dan: Monkey on his back - (January 11, 1998)
94Murphy, Dan: Putting the "Hood" in Robin Hood - (January 18, 1998)
95Raeside, Adrian: "...Just pretend he isn't there." (February 14, 1998)
96Krieger, Bob: "Cabinet chairs all rearranged Captain Clark" (February 18, 1998)
97Raeside, Adrian: "The 'shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic' analogy is totally false!...We prefer to think of it as: 'adding more accommodation in first class'." (February 19, 1998)
98Harrop, Graham: “THERE! In just a few seconds the computer will reveal the name of the government insider who’s causing all the headaches … giving us bad press … doing all the damage.” C. MCGREGOR “What?” CLARK (March 9, 1998)
99Krieger, Bob: (no text) (March 10, 1998)
100Raeside, Adrian: "Hey First Nations people! Got a hankerin' for a chunk of B.C.? Well c'mon down to Crazy Glens!..We got deals for you! We're blowing the entire province out the door! No money down and no payments,...Ever! You want the Cariboo? Peace River? Vancouver? We got all the big names here at Crazy Glens! No credit? No problem! No legitimate claims? Here at Crazy Glens...We don't care!...And as our doorcrasher special, were throwing in Vancouver Island." (March 10, 1998)
101Raeside, Adrian: No shirt, no shoes, no service. (March 11, 1998)
102Raeside, Adrian: The NDP responds to news that B.C.'s economy is in the toilet "...I hope it's a union-made toilet." (March 19, 1998)
103Raeside, Adrian: "We're seizing him for neglect." (March 27, 1998)
104Raeside, Adrian: (no text) (March 31, 1998)
105Harrop, Graham: "... and now a word from your authorized dealer!" "Hi" (April 13, 1998)
106Raeside, Adrian: (no text) (April 24, 1998)
107Harrop, Graham: "Premier Clark ... judging from this jubilant crowd - your trip to Hollywood was a SUCCESS! - Can you tell us what you learned?" "I don't know where to begin ..." (April 27, 1998)
108Raeside, Adrian: The pigeons come home to roost. (May 8, 1998)
109Raeside, Adrian: "I'm sorry the premier isn't available for comment. He's busy putting youth to work." "Don't forget to clean the ashtray." (May 11, 1998)
110Raeside, Adrian: How to stop American fishermen from stealing Canadian salmon... "Hello, U.S. Department of Commerce? Bad news!...We've discovered gypsy moth eggs on coho salmon!" (May 16, 1998)
111Raeside, Adrian: The players in the hospital strike... (May 27, 1998)
112Krieger, Bob: (no text) (May 28, 1998)
113Raeside, Adrian: "...But you can always camp out on the streets of Victoria." (June 21, 1998)
114Krieger, Bob: (no text) (July 2, 1998)
115Raeside, Adrian: "My goodness! How long have you had this problem?" "'Bout two years." (July 11, 1998)
116Raeside, Adrian: "Next!" (July 16, 1998)
117Raeside, Adrian: "Hey, you wanna see someone lose it, live, on the net?" "You bet!" www.glenclark& (July 18, 1998)
118Krieger, Bob: Cash Cow (July 21, 1998)
119Raeside, Adrian: Chance, Get out of jail free (August 3, 1998)
120Krieger, Bob: "Recession?!! For God's sake, Glen... Don't DO something!" (August 27, 1998)
121Raeside, Adrian: "By cutting back on health care programs like homemaker services, your government is hurting the sick and elderly....People who are powerless to fight these cuts!" "Exactly." (August 29, 1998)
122Krieger, Bob: "We also blame Glen Clark" (September 1, 1998)
123Krieger, Bob: ""R" word?!! R-R-Re-election?!!!" (September 8, 1998)
124Raeside, Adrian: VSEA multiplex fundraising, plan D: (September 16, 1998)
125Raeside, Adrian: "No, no, Ma's doing fine...Just a little slow these days, that's all." (September 24, 1998)
126Raeside, Adrian: The Nisga'a treaty is finally ratified: "A cheque for 78 dollars?...Where's the rest?" "I blew it on advertising the deal." (October 14, 1998)
127Krieger, Bob: (no text) (October 22, 1998)
128Harrop, Graham: “Glen – I promise! This time no mistakes no screw-ups, no foul-ups, no blunders” “You’re on my foot.” (October 22, 1998)
129Raeside, Adrian: UNPLEASANTVILLE -"Gee whiz Mister Clark, we're up to our ears in debt, we're waiting months for medical treatment, the economy is in tatters and I'm about to be laid off!" "Relax, its all just a right-wing media plot." (October 27, 1998)
130Raeside, Adrian: "Whaat?!...Again?" (October 30, 1998)
131Raeside, Adrian: "I want you to get up there and spray those pests that could destroy the Island's economy!" (November 1, 1998)
132Krieger, Bob: NDP to spray threat to forests (November 2, 1998)
133Krieger, Bob: The Provincial Dream ... (November 6, 1998)
134Raeside, Adrian: "The province is filling up with closed mills! What is the B.C. govt. going to do about it?" (November 7, 1998)
135Raeside, Adrian: The annual Christmas toy ratings: Keep out of reach of small children. Keep out of reach of small children. Keep out of reach of Glen Clark. (November 22, 1998)
136Raeside, Adrian: Log Exports (December 2, 1998)
137Krieger, Bob: 2010 Vancouver Whistler Home of the Downhill King (December 3, 1998)
138Raeside, Adrian: "Mister Premier, British Columbians are loading up trailers and fleeing the province in droves! Can you do something to stop it?" (December 6, 1998)
139Raeside, Adrian: Great Xmas gift idea #31 THE GLEN CLARK DOLL, Wind it up and Ken and Barbie lose their jobs. (December 8, 1998)
140Raeside, Adrian: The year is 2099 and a probe from the Toronto sector stumbles upon Vancouver, British Columbia... "Hmm...Obviously once a prosperous and thriving civilization. I wonder what catastrophe befell it?" (December 12, 1998)
141Raeside, Adrian: "Dead?..No. He's just sleeping." (December 16, 1998)
142Krieger, Bob: Last minute gift ideas ... (December 24, 1998)
144Raeside, Adrian: (no text) (January 10, 1999)
145Raeside, Adrian: "The three fast ferries will cost $210 million... Including the toilet paper!" (January 21, 1999)
146Raeside, Adrian: First went the heavy industry... ...Then the small businesses... ...Then the forest industry... ...Until all that was left was a smile. (January 26, 1999)
147Krieger, Bob: Charity (February 2, 1999)
148Raeside, Adrian: (no text) (February 3, 1999)
149Rice, Ingrid: "The future will prove us right. The Fast Ferries will jumpstart B.C's shipbuilding industry, create thousands of jobs and become phenomenal moneymaking machines for the taxpayers of B.C." "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to invest in some swampland." (February 8, 1999)
150Raeside, Adrian: "Would you mind paying the driver…I'm a little short this month" (February 8, 1999)
151Krieger, Bob: (no text) (February 15, 1999)
152Rice, Ingrid: B.C.'s POLITICAL SPECTRUM FAR WRONG "Balancing the budget is easy!" "Take paradise and put up a theme park" "We have a surplus" "Signed a deal for aluminum smelters in the North" "Money losing pulp mills are a great investment. Really" "The super ferry budget has accounted for everything right down to the toilet paper" "Power plant in Pakistan? Great idea!" "I promise thousands of new forestry jobs" FAR RIGHT (February 23, 1999)
153Krieger, Bob: What didn't Glen Clark know and when didn't he know it? (February 26, 1999)
154Krieger, Bob: "Don't worry Glen... This Fast Ferry scandal will all blow over when they get a load of the SkyTrain fiasco" (March 1, 1999)
155Raeside, Adrian: (no text) (March 2, 1999)
156Rice, Ingrid: DONE, ALRIGHT ALREADY (March 8, 1999)
157Raeside, Adrian: "Start the engines!" (March 8, 1999)
158Raeside, Adrian: Lumbermens Social Club "Pssst...feeling lucky?" (March 9, 1999)
159Raeside, Adrian: "Forgive me father. For I am enjoying the heck out of this." Glen Clark under siege; Pressure on to resign (March 14, 1999)
160Rice, Ingrid: "Premier Clark, What with the casino thing, the recall investigation, the ferry fiasco, and now the Morfitt budget report, we need to create a diversion that will distract the public AND restore our credibility" "I've got it! We'll announce a budget surplus" (March 15, 1999)
161Raeside, Adrian: One evening last summer, in the Okanagan... "Wow, it's so still out there, you can even hear Glen Clark not talking about gaming licences with Dimitrios Pilarinos." (March 15, 1999)
162Raeside, Adrian: Gambling, Fast Ferries, Morfitt Report, The Party (March 17, 1999)
163Krieger, Bob: (no text) (March 22, 1999)
165Raeside, Adrian: "Resign?...No way!" "...There are still a few things I haven't screwed up yet." (March 23, 1999)
166Rice, Ingrid: PROJECTED BREAKDOWN OF B.C. BUDGET (March 29, 1999)
167Harrop, Graham: "The good news is that the economy is back on track. The bad news is ..." "There's a train coming ..." (March 31, 1999)
168Raeside, Adrian: "Good news guys! Let's put BC back to work! Guys?..Hello?... Yoohoo...Anyone?..." (March 31, 1999)
169Rice, Ingrid: "Step down? Heck no! I intend to lead BC into the Millenium" "Looks like we just pinpointed our Y2K bug" (April 5, 1999)
170Rice, Ingrid: "Mr. Harcourt? - It's the NDP caucus. They want to know if you're done with those knives yet?" (April 12, 1999)
172Raeside, Adrian: "The ship of state is in trouble...Big trouble!" "It's up to me to save her, so keep your cool, Glen..." "Break out the fire hoses!" (April 12, 1999)
173Raeside, Adrian: "Whoo! The latest in the Glen Clark casino affair is that he gave a hunting knife as a gift. I wonder where it is now?...." (April 14, 1999)
174Raeside, Adrian: "Say, if you ever need someone to help you set up and run your government, ...give me a call." "Haven't we suffered enough?" (April 25, 1999)
176Raeside, Adrian: B.C. disaster preparedness week... "O.K...In the unlikely event that Glen Clark and the NDP are re-elected..." (May 3, 1999)
178Harrop, Graham: "Some of you may have wondered why we use the word 'retreat'." (May 17, 1999)
179Rice, Ingrid: "Come to think of it..... Premier Clark does seem a little taller" (May 17, 1999)
180Krieger, Bob: (no text) (May 21, 1999)
181Raeside, Adrian: "If a U.S. nuke accidentally went off at Nanoose, do you realise the awful devastation and misery it would cause to our coastal communities?" "It would have to wait in line." (May 24, 1999)
182Harrop, Graham: “…And as your Premier, I can assure you that this second fast ferry will be put to good use!” “Everybody on?” B.C. GOVERNMENT MEETS HERE ARGENTINA OR BUST (May 27, 1999)
183Krieger, Bob: (no text) (June 15, 1999)
184Raeside, Adrian: "Left!" "Left!" "Left!" (June 19, 1999)
185Raeside, Adrian: "We've got 15 delegates lined up for a 20 dollar-a-plate dinner with the premier." "Only 20 bucks a plate?" "That's all we can afford to pay them." (June 20, 1999)
186Rice, Ingrid: THE UPSIDE OF CUTTING OFF PENSIONS TO EARLY RETIREES WHO RETURN TO WORK IN THEIR FIELD OF EXPERTISE: "Maybe it'll keep Glen Clark from returning to work as an incompetent after he retires" (June 21, 1999)
187Raeside, Adrian: A new talking doll hits stores, saying things that disgust some consumers... "I'm staying for another year, baby." (June 28, 1999)
188Rice, Ingrid: "... can't take it anymore..... Relentless, incessant, neverending black clouds day in and day out never ever letting up" "I think the rain stopped" "I'm talking about the @*#*@!!! NDP" (July 5, 1999)
189Raeside, Adrian: Further to Gordon Wilson's suggestion of a frequent ferry user's card: For Glen Clark For Gordon Wilson For Moe Sihota (July 11, 1999)
190Rice, Ingrid: (July 13, 1999)
191Raeside, Adrian: "It's just a flesh wound." Public; The party; Brian Gardiner; Dosanjh; Mac Phail (July 17, 1999)
192Rice, Ingrid: "So, as I was saying - may caucus is firmly behind me" (July 19, 1999)
193Raeside, Adrian: "First, I'd like to introduce you all to Gordon, our new band leader…" (July 20, 1999)
194Raeside, Adrian: Glen Clark's Cabinet: Minister of Aboriginal Affairs Minister of Ferries Minister of Finance Minister of Fast Ferry Apologies Minister of Apologising for Glen Clark Minister of Pretending Everything's Hunky-Dory Minister of Self-Interest (July 21, 1999)
195Rice, Ingrid: "Good news, Glen! With a little more social development, we might be able to find you a job as a waiter" MOE'S BRAND NEW MINISTRY GETS DOWN TO WORK (July 26, 1999)
196Rice, Ingrid: "Anything new?" "Absolutely nothing" (August 16, 1999)
197Raeside, Adrian: (no text) (August 22, 1999)
198Raeside, Adrian: "...And if that wasn't bad enough, the public sector union took away my pension." (August 23, 1999)
199Krieger, Bob: Item: Revenue higher than expected ... (August 29, 1999)
200Rice, Ingrid: "Paul Ramsey says he's committed to the government being more transparent in its financial reporting." "How much more transparent can they be? We can already see right through them!" (September 27, 1999)
201Rice, Ingrid: "Caught in a web of lies.... Has absolutely no credibility... Left a trail of debt in his wake.... Power mad.... Trying to weasel out of a debt to a widow...." "Sounds like NDP leadership materials to me." (October 4, 1999)
202Rice, Ingrid: "Dang! That was gonna be my slogan" (October 11, 1999)
203Raeside, Adrian: "Please, oh please let one of them be mine." (October 19, 1999)
204Murphy, Dan: And what can Joy MacPhail offer us as premier? "Change!" (October 20, 1999)
205Raeside, Adrian: "This @!*?!! fast ferry is a piece of !?@!*! junk! I demand to speak to the clown responsible!" "Call the number on this card." (October 27, 1999)
206Krieger, Bob: Doofus of the Year [Glen Clark] [Gordon Wilson] John Rocker (December 30, 1999)
207Harrop, Graham: “Glen - I’m going to do everything I can to see that you remain in power!” “Gee - thanks Gord.” HYDRO “... and you say he’s got related work experience?” (January 1, 2000)
208Harrop, Graham: “I remember Glen Clark when he was a little boy!” “So do I! Lovely chap.” “I went to school with Glen - we used to call him Glennie then - full of life.” “That’s right! Little Glennie. How well I remember!” “Glen - you’re being recalled!” “What’s with him??” (January 1, 2000)
209Rice, Ingrid: "Financial disaster, incapable of operating at full capacity, unreliable, filled with empty promises and wild exaggerations..." "...can't think of more appropriate legacy for Glen Clark." "Fast ferries or Gordon Wilson?" (January 10, 2000)
210Rice, Ingrid: TRUTH IN ADVERTISING (January 24, 2000)
211Rice, Ingrid: "Didn't Glen Clark boast "They said we couldn't do it" when he launched the Fast Cats?" "He was referring to throwing $327 Million down the drain." (March 13, 2000)
212Raeside, Adrian: The NDP government's attitude toward attracting investment, -under Glen Clark... -under Ujjal Dosanjh. (March 27, 2000)
213Rice, Ingrid: "I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth - reserving a tiny bit of wriggle room." (April 10, 2000)
214Rice, Ingrid: "Good news Marg, I think I've found us a dependent" (April 17, 2000)
215Krieger, Bob: "... and nothing but the truth ha ha ha ha ..." (May 1, 2000)
216Rice, Ingrid: CLARK'S CONFUSION OVER THE LEAKING CONDO LAWSUIT WAS UNDERSTANDABLE "Suing over breach of duty, lax standards, going rampant and committing billions and billions of dollars in deception?" "Hey! Get in line!" (May 1, 2000)
217Rice, Ingrid: "Can't blame the guy for wanting to improve his living conditions" (May 8, 2000)
218Raeside, Adrian: How the NDP government allocates its time: Consulting with Glen Clark's lawyers. Consulting with career counsellors. The crisis in health care. Consulting with lawyers. Coming up with excuses for fast ferry breakdowns. (May 12, 2000)
219Harrop, Graham: "For the last time, Ujjal - I am NOT out to get you! Sit down and we'll talk about it!" "Isn't that Dosanjh?" (May 22, 2000)
220Harrop, Graham: “Because of your performance, Mr. Clark, Premier Dosanjh is moving you to welfare.” “I’m back in the CABINET?” “I don’t think you understand.” (May 24, 2000)
221Raeside, Adrian: (no text) (May 26, 2000)
222Krieger, Bob: (no text) (May 29, 2000)
223Rice, Ingrid: "Now that Glen Clark's not the premier, I guess the major impediment to a balanced budget has been removed" "Yep! Only 39 more impediments to go." (May 29, 2000)
224Krieger, Bob: Weisberger backs Campbell. NDP strikes back. (June 5, 2000)
225Harrop, Graham: "Waiter! That man over there is SMOKING!" (June 24, 2000)
226Raeside, Adrian: This is: 587.150.000. A The national debt clock. B The what Glen Clark is costing us clock. (June 24, 2000)
227Krieger, Bob: To save millions ... (June 26, 2000)
229Krieger, Bob: (no text) (July 10, 2000)
230Krieger, Bob: "You bozos are actually making us feel sorry for Glen Clark!" (August 8, 2000)
231Krieger, Bob: "Hi! This is Glen Clark on CKNW ..." (October 2, 2000)
232Raeside, Adrian: One reason Glen Clark would be unsuitable as a radio host: "We now pause for a message from one our capitalist running dog sponsors..." (October 13, 2000)
233Rice, Ingrid: SUDDENLY UJJAL REALISED IT WASN'T HIM (October 23, 2000)
234Murphy, Dan: Where is Glen's Mustache? Living as a small Lebanese man in witness re-location program somewhere around here "No comment" (November 1, 2000)
235Krieger, Bob: Predictions for 2001 Vancouver Mayor Owen will actually do something. Naaa ... just kidding ... After criminal charges are dropped, Glen Clark will fail in an attempt to be elected dog catcher. "Tax cuts and plaid pants all around!" Gordon Campbell will run a flawless campaign, be elected premier and lead a government we can all be proud of. Naaa... just kidding ... (January 4, 2001)
236Krieger, Bob: "$1.5 million for Glen Clark's retirement? Are you kidding? It's a bargoon!" (January 8, 2001)
237Peterson, Roy: “Having a neurotic nightmare about 79 Gordon Campbells in the B.C. Legislature isn’t that unusual … it’s just that most people have nightmares about just ONE more Glen Clark, or just ONE more Moe Sihota, or just ONE more Dave Stupich in the legislature …” (May 5, 2001)
238Rice, Ingrid: "Boy oh boy, sure glad I distanced myself from that mass - Wouldn't want anyone connecting me to those losers." (May 13, 2001)
239Krieger, Bob: "Fast Neon Signs!" (June 15, 2001)
240Krieger, Bob: What to do with the fast ferries: (July 6, 2001)
241Rice, Ingrid: "Under Bill 16, parents will be held responsible for harmful activity by their children" "At last! A way to recoup all our losses" "All we have to do is find Glen Clark's parents" (August 20, 2001)
242Krieger, Bob: "I don't mean to be a party pooper but wasn't the Olympic bid Glen Clark's idea?" (December 17, 2001)
243Krieger, Bob: A more reasonable thing to do with the money spent on the Glen Clark trial ... (August 30, 2002)
244Peterson, Roy: COST OF ‘ACT OF FOLLY’: 136 days in court COST TO TAXPAYER: $1 million COST OF NIFTY HOME RENO AFTER EXPENSES: CLARK LEGACY (August 31, 2002)
245Rice, Ingrid: "The Clark trial is over and the verdict is in: Guilty of stupidity, He's complaining the $5 to $6 mil spent on the police investigation could have gone to finding missing east-side women" "After wasting $460 mil on 3 fast ferries no one wants? Good verdict." (September 2, 2002)
246Rice, Ingrid: "Ferry fares are going up Probably be a ferry terminal improvement fee... ...Just like the airport has... ...That paid for stuff like the Bill Reid statue. I'd be willing to pay for a statue of Glen Clark..." (December 9, 2002)
247Harrop, Graham: "Are you nuts? You bought back the fast ferries at auction? They already cost over $450 million!" "And we got them for five! What a deal!" (January 15, 2003)
248Krieger, Bob: "Going once ... Going twice ..." (March 24, 2003)
249Krieger, Bob: Promise... Reality... (January 29, 2004)
250Murphy, Dan: "Glen Clark!" How to clear an NDP rally (April 24, 2005)
251Murphy, Dan: Liberal's target James with dirtiest phone trick yet- (May 13, 2005)
252Peterson, Roy: CAROLE JAMES AND THE NDP "SHH!" (May 14, 2005)
253Harrop, Graham: “Personally, I think that the Clark government is doing a great job ... I have complete faith in them!” “THERE HE IS! GET HIM!” “COME ON BACK TO THE FARM! IT’S PLAYTIME!” (Date unavailable)
254Raeside, Adrian: "Urp!" (Date unavailable)
255Harrop, Graham: "Well, Mr. Vander Zalm was explaining how the NDP should stand firm and face the music when suddenly Faye Leung showed up!" (Date unavailable)
256Harrop, Graham: “Does @!!*$!! have one * or two?” “It was a hell of a lot easier to draw Glen Clark!” “Wish the bus strike was still on ...” “One panel ... Two panel ... or should I phone in sick?” “Fifty-two minutes past deadline ... I’m early today.” “Is that an ink blot or did I give Campbell three eyes?” “I can always go back to delivering pizza.” (Date unavailable)
257Bierman, Bob: "I'm sorry..Mr.Pipo, Mr.Clark has already appointed a clown to straighten out the fast ferry problems" (Date unavailable)
258Harrop, Graham: ELECTION BLUNDERS As election blunders go, it was one of the worst. "The statue of Glen Clark is ready!" (Date unavailable)
259Bierman, Bob: "Rocks? What rocks?" "Spoken like a true leader ..Kimo Sabi..." (Date unavailable)
260Bierman, Bob: " We're going to make the economy look like a million bucks..." "..Your million bucks..." (Date unavailable)
261Murphy, Dan: In memorium (Date unavailable)
262Murphy, Dan: Glen Clark's check list - (Date unavailable)
263Murphy, Dan: Glen Clark's Things to do this summer (Date unavailable)
264Murphy, Dan: And what will Glen Clark do now that B.C. has officially recognized the Nisga'a Nation? "Drive there and ask for political asylum." (Date unavailable)
265Murphy, Dan: The best thing that could emerge from the NDP convention - "Hold it! Look, I'm bouncing back! I'm on a roll! You need me!" (Date unavailable)
266Bierman, Bob: "We went through the worst ..the rocks seem to get smaller.." (Date unavailable)
267Murphy, Dan: The Mike Farnworth All-Purpose Confession (Date unavailable)
268Murphy, Dan: What the fast ferry has turned Glen Clark into - "I ordered Prince" (Date unavailable)
269Murphy, Dan: Glen Clark has been named head of B.C. committee on international trade and investment agreements. In related news, a wild dingo has been asked to watch over Mr. Snookums for the afternoon. (Date unavailable)
270Murphy, Dan: Today's Glen Clark Update - "Still a weasel." (Date unavailable)
271Murphy, Dan: Glen Clark reveals his government's next megaproject - "Saving my mega-butt." (Date unavailable)
272Murphy, Dan: Why it SHOULD be easier to drink in B.C. - (Date unavailable)
273Murphy, Dan: Two words for just-released kidnappers Christine Lamont and David Spencer: (Date unavailable)
274Bierman, Bob: "I trust you good people have noticed that my magic wand is much bigger than Mr. Clarks'.." (Date unavailable)
275Murphy, Dan: The Last Straw - (Date unavailable)
276Murphy, Dan: Glen Clark's Spirit of Christmas Past - (Date unavailable)
277Murphy, Dan: (sung to the tune of My Way) (Date unavailable)
278Bierman, Bob: "Nothing to write home about yet mind you...but it seems to have slinked a notch or two..." (Date unavailable)
279Murphy, Dan: Item: Viagra sales booming in B.C. (Date unavailable)
280Murphy, Dan: The knife Glen Clark game Dimitrios Pilarinos - (Date unavailable)
281Murphy, Dan: "It's a Finance Minister!" (Date unavailable)
282Bierman, Bob: "..You're from Northern B.C??..Ok! Take two aspirins and the first bus to Alberta in the morning..." (Date unavailable)
283Murphy, Dan: (no text) (Date unavailable)
284Murphy, Dan: (no text) (Date unavailable)
285Bierman, Bob: Rats (Date unavailable)
286Bierman, Bob: "...On the positive side,..they spelled your name right" (Date unavailable)
287Bierman, Bob: "Trust us, friend...we're on your the way,...which side is your wallet on?..." (Date unavailable)
288Bierman, Bob: "..This year I wanted to go triking as Glen Clark but he says my nose isn't long enough (Date unavailable)
289Bierman, Bob: "..Wow! A lifelong dream is becoming reality..." "Really got your mind set becoming a talkshow host, Eh, kid.." (Date unavailable)
290Bierman, Bob: "One small step for safety..." "One giant leap for revenue..." (Date unavailable)
291Bierman, Bob: "Name one man who would be a better leader than Glen..." "Mike!!" (Date unavailable)
292Bierman, Bob: "Man! ..I'm so hungry..I could eat a highway..." "Or a park!" (Date unavailable)
293Bierman, Bob: "As soon as I have the little rascal under control I may call an election..." (Date unavailable)
294Bierman, Bob: "..Gentleman here by the name of Vander Zalm who likes to know are there any more opening coming up in the near future." (Date unavailable)
295Bierman, Bob: "..and when was the first time you noticed that you started to believe Mr.Clark again?..." (Date unavailable)
296Bierman, Bob: "..and when was the first time you noticed that you started to believe Mr.Clark again?..." (Date unavailable)
297Bierman, Bob: " response to your threat of holding your breath, their answer still is 'No'..." (Date unavailable)
298Bierman, Bob: "...Well, Sonny..I hope you understand we may have to pummel you a bit to make him change his mind..." (Date unavailable)
299Bierman, Bob: "...The shirt off his back!!! How about the shirt off his back???" (Date unavailable)
300Bierman, Bob: "..It appeared soon after you got yourself into that awful mess..." (Date unavailable)
301Bierman, Bob: "..Well..It worked with the Trojans..." (Date unavailable)
302Bierman, Bob: "first she thought I had done it, but then I clarked my way right out of it..." (Date unavailable)
303Bierman, Bob: "Judy, honey.. listen... I have to solve the fast ferry mess so I may be a little late for dinner...." "..?...." ".. Face it Glen we're gonna be toast..." (Date unavailable)
304Bierman, Bob: ".. Got a call again from a Glen Clark... Whoever he is... from B.C... Wherever that is... About our Pacific fishing policy whatever that is..." "You're doing good work kiddo!...." (Date unavailable)
305Bierman, Bob: "C'mon..knock it off this thing is weighing a ton...." (Date unavailable)

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