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"Action" was the principal student newspaper published during the Events. The nearly complete collection here follows the struggle day by day. Other movement publications such as the Maoist newspapers "La Cause du Peuple," and "Servir le Peuple," were far less influential. "L’Enragé" named after a radical faction in the French Revolution of 1789, contains cartoons that spoof and ridicule the government and its supporters. The collection includes a few issues of the Communist newspaper, "L’Humanité" which was a surprisingly conservative voice in 1968.

99 items found.

1Aux ecoutes du monde (no.2291)10/06/1968 to 16/06/1968
2Action (no.1)07/05/1968
3Action (no.2)13/05/1968
4Action (no.3)21/05/1968
5Action (no.4)05/06/1968
6Action (no.5)06/06/1968
7Action (no.6)10/06/1968
8Action (no.7)11/06/1968
9Action (no.8)12/06/1968
10Action (no.9)13/06/1968
11Action (no.10)14/06/1968
12Action (no.11)17/06/1968
13Action (no.12)18/06/1968
14Action (no.13)19/06/1968
15Action (no.14)20/06/1968
16Action (no.15)21/06/1968
17Action (no.16)24/06/1968
18Action (no.17)25/06/1968
19Action (no.18)27/06/1968
20Action (no.19)28/06/1968
21Action (no.20)01/07/1968
22Action (no.21)11/07/1968 to 17/07/1968
23Action (no.22)18/07/1968
24Action (no.23)23/07/1968
25Action (no.24)04/09/1968
26Aspects de la France (no.1027)23/05/1968
27Avant Garde (no.12)05/1968
28Avant Garde (supplement au no.12) (no.13 special)18/05/1968
29Avant Garde + supplement Aujourd'hui no.1 (no.14)27/05/1968
30Combat (no.7423)28/05/1968
31Combat (no.7425)30/05/1968
32Combat (no.7442)19/06/1968
33Jeune Revolution (no.1)26/06/1968
34La cause du peuple (no.5)29/05/1968
35La cause du peuple (no.6)31/05/1968
36La cause du peuple (no.7)01/06/1968
37La cause du peuple (no.8)02/06/1968
38La cause du peuple (no.10)04/06/1968;05/06/1968
39La cause du peuple (no.11)06/06/1968;07/06/1968
40La cause du peuple (no.13)09/06/1968;10/06/1968
41La cause du peuple (no.14)11/06/1968
42La cause du peuple (no.16)13/06/1968
43La cause du peuple (no.17)16/06/1968;17/06/1968
44La cause du peuple (no.19)22/06/1968;23/06/1968
45La Commune du 20e (no.1)21/06/1968
46La vie ouvriere (no.1237)15/05/1968
47Le Canard de Mai (no. special exceptionnel du Canard enchaine)06/1968
48Le Creuset (no.527)18/05/1968
49Le Figaro (no.7392)05/06/1968
50Le Monde Libertaire (no.142)05/1968
51Le Monde Libertaire (no. special)06/1968
52Le nouveau clarte (supplement/edition speciale "Nous les garcons et les filles") (no. 58)05/1968
53Le nouvel observateur (no.183)20/05/1968
54Le Pave (no.1)05/1968
55L'Enragé (no.1)05/1968
56L'Enragé (no.2)06/1968
57L'Enragé (no.3)10/06/1968
58L'Enragé (no.4)17/06/1968
59L'Enragé (no.5)24/06/1968
60L'Enragé (no.6)01/07/1968
61L'Enragé (no.7)08/07/1968
62L'Enragé (no.8)01/08/1968
63Les Informations industrielles and commerciales (no. special)31/05/1968
64Les Informations industrielles and commerciales (no. special)10/06/1968
65L'Etudiant de France (no.1)06/1968
66L'Express (supplement exceptionnel)??
67L'Express (supplement exceptionnel)??
68L'Humanité (no.7373)07/05/1968
69L'Humanité (no.7377)11/05/1968
70L'Humanité (no.7382)18/05/1968
71L'Humanité (no.7397)05/06/1968
72L'Humanité (Dimanche) (no.1031)26/05/1968
73L'Humanité nouvelle (no.107)06/06/1968
74L'Humanité nouvelle (no.105)30/05/1968
75L'Humanité nouvelle (no.103)30/05/1968
76L'Humanité nouvelle (supplement) (no.104)30/05/1968
77L'Humanité nouvelle (no.104)24/05/1968
78L'Insurgé (no.8)06/1968
79L'Opposition artistique (no.2)03/1968 to 00/04/1968
80Lutte ouvriere (no.1)26/06/1968
81Pour Vivre (no.2)06/1968
82Pouvoir ouvrier (no.90)05/1968
83Révoltes (n.18)05/1968
84Révoltes (no.20)22/05/1968
85Rive gauche (no.21)06/1968
86Servir le peuple (no.17)01/03/1968
87Servir le peuple (no.18)15/03/1968
88Servir le peuple (no.20)01/05/1968
89Servir le peuple (no.21)13/05/1968
90Servir le peuple (no.22)21/05/1968
91Tribune libre (no.1)29/06/1968
92Tribune socialiste (no.311)19/01/1967
93Tribune socialiste (no.372)10/05/1968
94Voix Ouvriere (no.30)04/06/1968
95Tribune socialiste (no.371)09/05/1968
96La cause du peuple (no.4)23/05/1968
97Avant Garde (La Nouvelle) (no.1)06/1968
98Le Point (Supplément au no.16) (no.16)05/1968
99Le Canard Enchaîné03/07/1968

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