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Bob Bierman

Born in Holland and living there during the second world war, Bierman's career began with drawing cartoons of Nazis on buildings, fences and other public areas. Bierman successfully escaped arrest, later joined the army and in 1950 when Canada opened its borders to emigrants he came to Canada. Bierman held various jobs and for some time worked for the British Columbia government during which time he freelanced as a cartoonist. In 1962 Bruce Hutchison offered him the political cartoonist position with the Victoria Daily Times. Following a strike at the newspaper in 1973 and various jobs Bierman returned to government employment (1974) and continued to do freelance cartooning until in 1978 at which time he was sued for libel by Bill Vander Zalm (Bierman had drawn a cartoon of the BC Human Resources Minister picking the wings from a fly -- this cartoon is in the Library and Archives Canada/Bibliothèque et Archives Canada, not at SFU). This case ended in the Supreme Court with a decision for Bierman. In later years Bierman's cartoons appeared regularly in the Victoria Monday Magazine. Aislin refers to Bierman as " of the best kept secrets in Canadian journalism". Bierman died on April 17, 2008.