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Graham Harrop

Graham Harrop is a younger cartoonist of significant talent who has developed a whimsical style in the tradition of gentle satire established by Len Norris. Harrop looks at the effect rather than the cause, and works with his very pure sense of humour to develop his satirical probing of human nature.

Graham Harrop produces three cartoons per week for The Vancouver Sun and six for The Globe and Mail. Harrop was born in Liverpool in 1944 and attended high school in Powell River, B.C. He worked for The Vancouver Sun from 1960 to 1963 then returned at the end of 1996 where he continues to work. He started with The Globe and Mail in 1989.

Subjects covered include local, provincial, national and international stories and Canadian personalities such as Stephen Harper, Gordon Campbell, Stockwell Day and Jean Chrétien. The issues Harrop examined include the CRTC, medicare, bus service, leaky condominiums, cruel bosses, art sales, nature conservancy, traffic, the Canadian Senate, the census and many others.