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Edd Uluschak

Edd Uluschak became the editorial cartoonist for the Edmonton Journal in 1968 and in the next year won the National Newspaper Award,an award he was to win a second time. Uluschak was also a three time recipient of the 'Basil Dean Award for Outstanding Contribution to Journalism'.

Uluschak has won other awards as well as participating in many exhibitions and has been published in numerous books, periodicals, and newspapers in both Canada and the United States.

His The World of Uluschak was a publication featuring his work; it was published on an annual basis for eleven years. Several educational publications featuring his works have also been published.

About Uluschak, Aislin once wrote "[h]e can handle an international situation with the same clarity and vigor as when portraying the sometime inane preoccupations of the middle class or pointing out the discrimination and appalling attitudes that exist toward minority groups and the poor".

Married with two children, Uluschak now lives on Gabriola Island, BC.