You may search Anna Jameson's correspondences, Harriet Martineau's, or both together. Please note that the default is to search Jameson's.

Within the selected correspondences, you may search by writer, by addressee, by correspondence (Anna Jameson Lady Byron), by date (year), or by people mentioned in the letters, or by a combination of these fields. Enter single or multiple search terms in the fields of your choice, and combine them using the "and" and "or" if desired. If you enter multiple search terms in a single field, all the terms will be searched for in that field (i.e., they will be joined with "and").

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Records retrieved have links to more information.

Clicking on writer or addressee leads to brief biographical information focused particularly on family relationships. Further links lead to pictures and relevant websites where available. To link to these web sites, you will need a JavaScript-aware browser.

Clicking on correspondence leads to a listing of all the letters known to have been exchanged in this correspondence as well as information, where available, about how the correspondents initiated contact.

Clicking on date leads to a year by year calendar of the writer's places of residence and travels.

Clicking on textual documentation leads to more information about the particular letter.

Clicking on ref code leads to bibliographical information.

These links are all under development and may not yet yield the requested information.

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