Harrison Brown: The Sian Incident and Beyond

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11936 Journal
2Interior Da Fo Tsu. Vertical interior. Buddhas in a row.
3Horizontal. 6 Buddhas.
4Ku Pe K'on. Great Wall
5Family crossing.
6Yamboshan. Chinese Comm.agents buying grain.
7Sweet meat mall. Yamboshan.
8Kalgan. Street scene.
9Kalgan. Street scene.
10Kalgan. Street scene.
11Boy drawing water from well.
12Kweihua horse market - man with donkey.
13Man and boy on donkey.
14Kweihua Town. Street scene.
15Kweihua Town. Native.
16Street Scene.
17Kweihua. Old man sitting in street smoking.
18Kweihua. Missionary Sunzell.
19Prince Ah in Kweihua Palace.
20In Mountains near Kweihua. Self and Jimmy Lui. Full length.
21"Self with Gus Soderbaum, half length."
22View of Tatung from Temple of the Golden Dragon.
23General Yen Hsi-Shan. At Pacification HQ Taiyuanfu.
24"View on top story of old tower housing Shansi Products Exhibition, Taiyuanfu."
25Village street scene and archway. Chinszu.
26Gateway in Sian.
27Red filter view of old bridge. Sian-Luntung.
28No filter. Bridge gateway with beggars.
29Street Scene. Luntung.
31"View in courtyard of Confucian Temple, Sian."
32"Confucian Temple, Sian. Through gate as frame."
33Steps and kiddies playing.
34Steps and kiddies playing.
35"Street Scene outside South Gate, Sian."
36"Outside South Gate, Sian. By stagnant pool."
37"Outside South Gate, Sian. By stagnant pool."
38Street Scene outside Sian.
39River scene near C. Park. Cheng Tsu.
40Scene in Kung Ming Temple outside Cheng Tsu.
41Scene in Kung Ming Temple outside Cheng Tsu.
42Funeral procession under village walls.
43Water buffalo tethered in temple ground.
44White Arch village gate. Cvhengtu-Kwan Hsien.
45Road scene. Crowded village gate.
46Kwan Hsien. Part of the Old Town inside the walls from river.
47Lee Pui Temple
48On the river. Women talking.
49"Mr. Ho Li Bai and C.C. Shao, Director of Water Conservancy Board."
502 small boys.
51View of bamboo rope bridge.
52Vertical view on rope bridge showing traffic.
53Traffic on rope bridge.
54"Loaded boy/coolie at gateway of Temple of the Second Son, on path of tragedy."
55Gateway of Temple of the Second Son. Another scene.
56(No caption provided)
57"Out the hillside gate of Rwan Hsien, looking out along the path of tragedy."
58Shop in Chengtu. Salesman looking around corner. Hat shop.
59Two lean old men at work on embroidery in open shop.
60Chengtu. Small boy embroiderer looking up at camera.
61Chengtu. Street scene.
62Chengtu. Small panda cub at Cavaliere's.
63Chungking. Steps.
64Steps looking up. Two men squatting.
65Dead beggar. Chungking.
66Corner of temple.
67Junk (small).
68Junk under cliff
69Washerwomen. Yunyang.
70Junks. Yunyang.
71Junks. Yunyang.
72Steamer in gorge.
73Junk near-by.
74View of Hankow from Customs Square river.
75Chinese gunboat in foreground. City in distance.
76Fleet of junks.
77Yangtze village.
78Junk boys at work.
79The village afloat.
80Another junk.
81"Ninjo junk. Showing eyes on prow. ""No see, no walk""."
82Whangpoo junk.
83Fouchow Rd. Shanghai.
84Junks etc. on the creek Shanghai.
85View of the creek. Shanghai.
86Junk outside Hong Kong.
87Canton. Canal scene.
88Canton. Canal scene.
89Canton. Canal scene.
90Canton. Canal scene.
91Junk scene. Canton.
92Woman rowing sampan. Pearl River. Canton.
93Woman rowing sampan. Pearl River. Canton.
94Woman rowing sampan. Pearl River. Canton.
952 generations (sampan).
96Near-by sampan. Child doing her hair.
97Another sampan. Baby looks suspicious.
98Dress making under difficulties.
99Rwei scene on Pearl River. Canton. Sampan scene
100Rwei scene on Pearl River. Canton. Sampan scene
101Funeral procession. Canton.
102Funeral procession. Canton. Various carnival figures.
103Funeral procession. Canton. Various carnival figures.
104Funeral procession. Canton. Various carnival figures.
105Pig transport by basket.
106Pig transport by basket.
107Pig transport by basket.
108Pig transport by basket.
109Pig transport by basket.
110Pig transport by basket.
111Village scenes of all kinds.
112Village scenes of all kinds.
113Outside Canton.
114Outside Canton.
115Outside Canton.
116Outside Canton.
117Alley scene. Canton.
118Crowd at loading up of 2 huge turtles.
119Water coolies' steps from river.
120Street scene. Nanning.
121Street scene. Nanning.
122Rest of family at the stern.
123Grandma at the prow.
124Stern oarsman from middle of sampan.
125Girls of a Middle School Military Training Corps. Nanning.
126Girls of a Middle School Military Training Corps. Nanning. Full length.
127Wall posters.
128Group of 5 snapped in doorway.
1293 girls.
1303 girls. Full length.
131Marshal Li Chang-yen.
132Marshal Li Chang-yen. Full length.
133Japanese in Manchuria and Great Wall Map. Nanning. On wall of Merchants' Guild.
134Another map showing Japanese penetration.
135Hong Kong street scene.
136Self (Harrison Brown)
137(No caption provided)
138Funeral procession.
139The Trail of a Freelance
1401937 Journal
141Excerpts from Journal 1949
142Who's Who in the Chinese Flare-up
1431978 Christmas LetterN/A
144Harrison Brown: A Select BibliographyN/A
145China Makes the Headlines: What Happened at SianN/A
146The Sian Affair - KOMO Radio (Seattle), 4:30 - 5:00, March 8, 1937N/A
147Report on a KidnappingN/A
148What Happened at SianfuN/A
149Rebel WarlordsN/A
150The Kingdom of Heaven: A Visit to SzechuenN/A
151The Changing EastN/A
152China's Southern RebelsN/A
153The Economics of Chiang Kai-ShekN/A
154Harrison Brown's 1935 JournalN/A
155Harrison Brown's World War I DiaryN/A
156Hilary Brown Writing About Meeting her Husband in 1931N/A
157Harrison Brown's LettersN/A
158Harrison Brown's Journals: Transcribed Excerpts on the Sian Incident, With PhotosN/A
160About H.B.'s Trip to ChinaN/A

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