Harrison Brown: The Sian Incident and Beyond

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1About Harrison Brown's Trip to China: An introduction to H.B.'s journey.
2About the Sian Incident: Contains a "Who's Who" article by H.B., web links, plus transcribed sections of H.B.'s journals relating to the Sian Incident, matched with relevant photos.
3Bibliography: A select list of H.B.'s writings for newspapers, magazines, journals and more.
4Biography: A collection of writings on H.B.'s life and career, written by himself and others.
5Journals: H.B.'s original hand-written journal pages from his journey, from 1936 to 1937.
6Manuscript: The Trail of a Freelance: Harrison Brown's unpublished manuscript based on his travels between 1936 and 1937. Contains 22 chapters.
7Maps: These are the maps of Shanghai and Suiyan that H.B. used while travelling through China. They contain his annotations in ink made during the trip.
8Obituary: Letters written and received by Hilary Brown after the death of her husband.
9Photographs: These photographs were taken by Harrison Brown during his travels in China from 1936 to 1937. They are part of a larger collection of similar photos available in the Harrison Brown Collection in the Special Collections department at the Simon Fraser University Library. Excerpts corresponding to each photo have been taken directly from H.B.ís field notes made at the time, with regards to names, places, events and/or exposure levels.
10Photos of Harrison Brown: Portraits and photographs of H.B.
11Writings on China: Pieces written by H.B. on 1930's China, and a letter received by H.B. from the headquarters of Chiang-Kai Shek.
12Writings on the Sian Incident: Pieces written by H.B. about the Sian Incident, including a talk for KOMO radio.
13Writings: Miscelaneous: Various writings by H.B., including personal correspondances, his World War I diary, and entries from his 1935 journal about Vancouver.

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