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Mai 68

Category: Magazines

The magazines gathered here include commercial publications such as the Communist Party magazine and "Démocratie Nouvelle," and the important student journal, "Les Cahiers de Mai." This journal published reports on struggles by the students themselves and offers direct testimony on movement activities. The reports on the union takeover of the town of Nantes are particularly interesting. This was the high point of the movement, its closest approximation to the goal of self-management.

13 items found.

1La Nouvelle Critique (no.15)06/1968
2L' événement (no.29)06/1968
3L' événement (no. 30)07/1968;00/08/1968
4Cahiers de mai (no.2)01/07/1968 to 15/07/1968
5Cahiers de mai (no.3)01/08/1968 to 01/09/1968
6Les temps modernes (no.266-267)08/1968;00/09/1968
7Démocratie nouvelle04/1968; 00/05/1968
8magazine littéraire (n.18)05/1968
9La Quinzaine litteraire (no.47)15/05/1968 to 31/05/1968
10La Quinzaine litteraire (no.52)18/06/1968
11La Quinzaine litteraire (no.53)01/07/1968 to 15/07/1968
12Cahiers de mai (no.1)15/06/1968
13L'Autogestion L'État et la Révolution (Supplément Noir et Rouge no.41)05/1968

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