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Mai 68

Category: Translation

The translations in this section are of two kinds. Included are twenty pages of published translations from the book by Andrew Feenberg and Jim Freedman, "When Poetry Ruled the Streets" (SUNY Press). In addition, a number of translations prepared in 1968 have been included in manuscript. These are drafts of texts originally intended for the book but dropped because of length. Some of them are introduced with commentaries prepared shortly after the Events. These translations focus primarily on contemporary debates over the role of the middle strata in the Events. The "Critical University" pamphlet represents the reformist program of the Law School students. The originals are indicated in each case and can be consulted on this site.

Consult the resources page for references to other Web sites that offer translations of Mai 68, and other documents of related interest.

8 items found.

1A Manifesto for Educated Labor20/05/1968
2A Critique06/1968
3Post-May Perspectives17/06/1968
4Critical University06/1968
5A New Form of Organization in the factoriesUnknown
6An Unsolved Theoretical ProblemUnknown
7When Poetry Ruled the Streets: Journal of a Neighborhood Action Committee (pages 13-16, Cahiers de mai no.2) (pp. 112-121)Unknown
8When Poetry Ruled the Streets: The University as a Red Base (pages 12-13 of Cahiers de mai no.1); Nantes (pages 4-7 of Cahiers de mai no.1); From Roadblocks to Self-Defense (pages 8-11 of Cahiers de mai no.1)Unknown

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