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Edited by Geoffrey Stewart Morrison & Les Zsoldos

Published by the Simon Fraser University Linguistics Graduate Student Association

Complete Volume
Individual Papers

Introductory pages

Ulf Schuetze
 Speaking a L2: Second versus Foreign Language Acquisition

Sayaka Suzuki
 Interpretation of secondary predicates by L1 and L2 acquisition of Japanese

Geoffrey Stewart Morrison
 Perception of English /i/ and /I/ by Japanese and Spanish listeners: Longitudinal results

Mihoko Teshigawara
 Vowel devoicing in Tokyo Japanese

Hui Yin
 A cognitive approach to the Japanese verb kuru ‘come’

Ulla Vanhatalo
 Population tests in lexicography

Ilana Mezhevich
 English compounds and Russian relational adjectives

The NWLC is an annual student-run conference which alternates between four universities in British Columbia and Washington State:
Simon Fraser University, University of Washington, University of Victoria, and University of British Columbia

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The 2002 conference was held at:

Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada

April 6 & 7, 2002